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We offer services that facilitate collaboration to encourage innovation within organizations wishing to expand or embark on an ambitious project. We excel in the communication and administration of complex, multi-stakeholder projects. Our rigorous and exemplary management ensures that projects run smoothly.  

Our expertise stands out in three areas:  

  • Networking and managing collaborations between partners 

  • Non-profit organization management 

  • Knowledge of the mobility industry 

At OIDS, we are committed to always providing you with unrivalled service. Our team knows what it takes to build a successful partnership, and the assurance of a job well done is key. With OIDS, you're in good hands. 


The OIDS mission is built on the relationships between our customers: we facilitate collaboration within groups with innovation projects. We support companies in creating and maintaining lasting collaborations by providing efficient, agile and creative tools.  


We have been promoting innovation in our business since 2010. Open innovation has always been at the heart of OIDS' activities. 

What is Open Innovation ?

For many, open innovation is limited to crowdfunding, when in fact it encompasses a multitude of approaches, from ideation to pre-competitive partnerships and multi-sector networking. Open innovation, based on knowledge sharing, creates more dynamic ecosystems and more strategic collaborations. 

Open Innovation at OIDS

Rather than specializing in a particular approach, we differentiate ourselves by our ability to offer you a customized approach tailored to your needs. 


Establishing and maintaining a climate of trust is an essential component of open innovation, and one of our priorities. Integrity and transparency are at the heart of the values of our company and each of our employees. 

Our Values

Orienting efforts

We leverage open-mindedness and collective intelligence. 

Instilling excellence

We demonstrate professionalism, efficiency and rigor. 

Developing collaboration

Staying outside the box

We promote networking and harmonious, honest relationships. 

We propose agile, creative, and sustainable solutions. 

Our Founder


Dominique has over 30 years' experience working for world-class companies in the mobility, aerospace and technology sectors.  

After working as a Structural Analyst at Bombardier Aerospace, she was appointed Director of the Centre technologique en aérospatiale (CTA). In 2006, she joined the Consortium de recherche et d'innovation en aérospatiale (CRIAQ), where she worked as Director of Operations alongside André Bazergui until 2010. 

Inspired by innovation and convinced that its secret lies in collaboration, Dominique founded her own company, OIDS, in 2010. Dominique is a manager who understands the challenges of both SMEs and multinationals. Her passion and professional experience have enabled her to develop OIDS into what it is today. OIDS is the image of its founder: reliable, conscientious, methodical, and passionate. 

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