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Our Mandates


CMAI Administration

IODS manages and operates the Canadian Mobility and Aerospace Institute, CMAI, and its Placement SPOT platform.  


CMAI is a non-profit organization that develops the skills of the current and future workforce in Canada's mobility industries. CMAI offers learning activities to students in the form of internships, mini-WILs and micro-WILs. 

Placement SPOT platform


The Placement SPOT platform helps students in developing their skills and facilitates the recruitment process. 


Our team managed the development of the Placement SPOT platform in less than 4 months. OIDS had process knowledge and skills to manage this IT project. We were able to develop the data structure, manage the programming team and keep the project on budget and on schedule. Today, we continue to be responsible for the platform's operations. 


Administration of SA²GE mobilizing strategic projects

This series of projects are part of the transition to a greener economy by 2030 and the fight against climate change, helping to decarbonize the aeronautics industry in Quebec. They are also in line with the Quebec government's determination to maintain the province's competitive edge through research and development activities. 


Administration of the strategic mobilizing project RRM

The RRM project is developing a universal solution for charging in multi-unit buildings, as well as an online platform to raise public awareness of the issues involved in charging electric vehicles in buildings. 


Administration of the strategic mobilizing project Hexagone

The Hexagone project is developing a new generation of electric vehicles, batteries and energy storage systems for lighter, more compact vehicles. The partners are focusing on a modular approach, optimized energy performance, the use of eco-responsible materials and innovative, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. 


Administration of the strategic mobilizing project FINNOV

FINNOV is supported by the Quebec government to accelerate innovation in the mobility sector. This strategic mobilizing project develops world-class integrated power electronics products for the electric vehicle market. FINNOV is helping to structure the supply chain and manufacturing to enable Quebec to become a major producer of commercial electric vehicle components. 

Aero21 logo.jpg

Administration of the strategic mobilizing project Aéro21

This mobilizing strategic project is the result of the Quebec government's determination to position itself as a world leader in aerospace. AÉRO21 is helping to accelerate the digital shift in Quebec's aerospace sector. Deployed over two phases, the technologies developed will be used on the aircraft of the future. 


Administration of the strategic mobilizing project MOBEL

MOBEL was born of the Quebec government's desire to support the development of a new generation of specialized urban electric heavy-duty vehicles. By the end of the project, 7 100% electric prototypes had been produced. 

Funding for MOBEL comes in part from measures in the Plan d'action en électrification des transports 2015-2020 and the Plan d'action 2013-2020 sur les changements climatiques. The project's objectives are also in line with the Plan for a Green Economy 2030. 


Administration of the strategic mobilizing project ALIGNE

Born of the Quebec government's desire to pursue the development of electrified transport, ALIGNE is part of the Plan for a Greener Economy 2030. The aim of the project was to provide a technological solution to improve the performance of Class 8 trucks. The partners developed the components needed to operate two prototype hybrid heavy-duty vehicles combining renewable electricity and natural gas. 

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