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More collaborative services for innovation 

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Creation of Collaborative Structures for NPOs

OIDS can handle all the steps involved in creating a structure such as a non-profit organization. In addition, the creation of a collaborative structure goes hand in hand with the preparation and negotiation of various agreements, including confidentiality and partnership agreements.   

Committee Management

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The OIDS team facilitates the work of collaborative groups, and this requires rigor and discipline. Managing committee meetings and following up on the resulting actions is one of OIDS' strengths. These services are available to all organizations, whether or not they are partners in collaborative projects. 

Innovation Event Management 

Successful collaborations begin with the meeting of ideas and innovators. OIDS offers innovative event production services focused on networking (companies, researchers, etc.). OIDS takes on holistic event management mandates, from conception to completion. 

Editorial and Communications Services 

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OIDS excels in communications and helps companies with one-off mandates: writing press releases, drafting reports, writing proposals, producing materials for events. Communications are key to the success of collaborative projects, and OIDS is a neutral third party with the resources to help collaborators showcase their achievements, to their teams as well as to the public and funders. 

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